Careers & Career Placement in the Dental Profession

Career Placement:

It is the view of the New England Dental Assistant School (NEDAS) that exceptional instruction can create exceptional students. From the multi-week programs we offer here, our students get the real world experience they need to be successful when they leave us. They will find that they can apply what they have learned from us here at NEDAS from day one and create the life that they really want for themselves.

Best of all, the NEDAS experience doesn’t end after graduation. We help our students find gainful employment in the dental industry, either as trained assistants or as intelligent, experienced practice management personnel. We here at New England Dental Assistant School (NEDAS) set each and every one of our qualified candidates up for success and give them the edge they need in a competitive market.


NEDAS has the resources to place our students in the most exceptional dental positions in the Worcester, MA area. Please see our list of careers below, or see more information on our Facebook page.

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To learn more about The New England Dental Assistant School (NEDAS), or to enroll in one of our life changing programs, or to enquire about a certain position you saw through our boards, please contact us at 508-425-6644.